FLY  is targeted towards the aerial activities having as its main focus the practice of parachuting. We are currently based in the centre of Portugal. Our mission is to offer experiences of adventure to each student through a personalized and safe service having as a partner Sky4Pombal - Parachuting school as a synonym of quality, safety and excitement. 

 We operate an aircraft model Cessna 182, the most used plane in the world for this kind of activity. When necessary we will arrange other aircrafts which are ordered to other entities.

Tandem jump

O que é?

What is it?

It's a jump performed at high altitude in which the passenger/student will be attached to a skydiver instructor who is licensed for this type of jump.

A preparação


The jump is preceded by a quick briefing in which all important aspects relating to the jump will be explained .

O voo


After takeoff you will enjoy a flight over the city of Coimbra for about 20 minutes until reaching the altitude in which the skydive jump will be made at an exceeding speed of 200 km/h.

O salto


It is at this stage that you can take the wonderful photographs or make the video having the city of Coimbra and Figueira da Foz beach as the background.

A aterragem


After the opening of the parachute you have about 5 minutes left where you will have the opportunity to perform some maneuvers with the parachute under the guidance of an instructor, followed by a soft landing on the ground.



Suffer from cardiovascular diseases, be less than 16 years old; maximum weight 100 kg; maximum height 2 meters.

Note Persons under the age of 18 require parent authorization at the location of the jump. Some physical limitations may not be considered as obstacles in doing a Tandem jump.


The Tandem Best Jump is thus named because it is a jump from a higher altitude, in which the free falling time is about 40 seconds. In the Tandem Best Jump it is possible to make videos and pictures if you wish.

After a brief instruction in which the passenger will have all the required knowledge to perform the jump we will enjoy the flight on the plane until about 4 thousand metres.

During the rise the passengers will have the opportunity to enjoy the excellent scenery where we can have a privileged view of the entire coast from Figueira da Foz to Peniche.


The tandem LIGHT jump is for those who want to feel the sensation of free-falling in a shorter and economical way.

This jump is from a lower altitude than the Tandem Best Jump and the free-falling time is only about 20 seconds. Just like the Tandem Best jump after a brief instruction where the passenger will have all the required knowledge to perform the jump we will enjoy the flight on the plane until about 3 thousand meters.

During the rise passengers will have the opportunity to enjoy the excellent scenery where we can have privileged view of the entire coast from Figueira da Foz to Peniche.


This Voucher can be offered to anyone as a surprise. If you wish to offer a parachute jump to someone (tandem jump) and want it to be a big surprise, by purchasing this voucher "FLY" will customize it and will fill it out with the name of the person who offers and to whom it is offered, reaching the person concerned without having to worry about anything else.


Free-falling in a shorter and economic way.

  • 25 seconds of free-falling 
  • Brief instruction 

  • 3500 meters 

  • 5 people or more €150,00 / pax



Jump performed in at a higher altitude

  • About 40 seconds of free-falling 
  • Brief instruction  

  • Gorgeous view 

  • 5 people or more €165.00 /pax



Both jumps have the following extra options

  • Video or Photos (handycam) / €60.00 
    Video and Photos (handycam) / €90.00   
  • Video or Photos (handycam + camflyer) / €120.00   
  • Video and Photos (handycam + camflyer) / €150.00

Sabia que


The origins of parachuting go back to China from the fourteenth century, when the Chinese acrobats used in their exercises, objects designed to cushion falls.

However, it was the Italian inventor Leonardo da Vinci the first man to design a prototype of a parachute, in 1495. It was shaped like a pyramid covered with a light cloth rigid structure. However, da Vinci never jumped with his invention.

In 1617, it was also an Italian, Fausto Venanzio, the author of the first jump with a parachute, shooting up the tower of the Cathedral of Venice. Venanzio landed without incident.

The world watched the primera vez the importance of this activity during the Second World War, where the parachuting was an integral part of military strategies.

The skydiving as sport live with the professional from the beginning of the twentieth century and is now practiced in all continents.


O que é?

is it?

The parachuting consists in enabling the student to jump from a high altitude using a parachute and safely conduct all the jumping phases untill the soft landing on the ground.

A preparação


The parachute jump requires a minimum height to allow the opening and stabilization of the set parachute/Man (to cushion the fall conveniently), plus an extra height so that the reserve parachute can be triggered in case of failure when opening the main one.

O voo


The direction of the wind is very important and, when doubts existe, the jump is preceded by the launching of a probe which indicates the direction. The correct choice of the launching point is important for the success of the jump.


The Automatic Opening course is the simplest and economical way to begin the practice of parachuting. This course usually has a duration of 2 (two) days, in which on the first day will be given the theoretical part and if technical and weather conditions allow, the first of 4 (four) included and mandatory jumps in automatic opening will be made. The Automatic Opening jumps are made at 4,000 feet (1200 meters) and will be monitored by an instructor/monitor with radio transmission. At the end of the course the parachutist student will be able to begin the progression to Acelerated Free Fall . At this stage the instructor leads the student to manually simulate the opening of the parachute in order to pass to the next stage and jump in free fall.


  1. In the first three levels you are accompanied by two instructors who will give you the necessary support during the jump.
  2. 4th to 7th level the monitoring will be done by only 1 instructor.
  3. The eighth level corresponds to a jump without an instructor and is aimed to confirm ability. Each jump is filmed so that instructors can make a precise evaluation of the same.
  4. The Free falling course, is targeted to those who want to continue the sport of parachuting.
  5. To do the parachuting course it is mandatory do a sports medical examination. And will be admitted to the course students from the age of 16 (Persons under the age of 18 require parent authorization).

Note: jumps made during the course can be filmed and purchased if desired by the student.


Simple and cheap way to begin parachuting

  • Duration of 2 days 
  • 4 mandatory jumps 

  • 4,000 feet (1200 meters)



Complete course

  • Complete monitoring of the jumps
  • Minimum age 16 years
  • Sports Medical examination required
  • Directed to those who continue the parachuting



up to 5.500 ft/> 5.500 feet

  • Up to 5,500 ft/€ 25,00
  • > 5,500 ft/€30,00
  • Parachute Rental/€ 10,00
  • Altimeter/galasses/helmet /€ 1
  • Folding parachute/€ 5




CESSNA 182D Skylane
  • potência


  • Alcance


  • Velocidade máxima de cruzeiro

    Maximum cruise speed

  • Capacidade


  • Carga útil

    Loading capacity

  • Peso máximo à descolagem

    Maximum take-off weight

  • Distância de descolagem aterragem

    Distance of take-off and landing

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